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Our Technology


Technology That Makes A Difference

At Dr. Q' dental office, we believe that a great dental experience is founded on the patient's safety and comfort. As a result, our team is pleased to employ the most recent dental technological advances and techniques to ensure each patient's continued health and satisfaction.

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Ready For Your Smile Makeover?

Let Dr. Q custom design your smile and help grow your confidence.

Digital X-Rays

For our staff, digital x-rays provide less radiation exposure and virtually instant images. Digital x-rays, as opposed to traditional film-based x-rays, provide a much more detail image which can be crucial to the success of any procedure. They can also be archived in our system for future reference and comparison. This method provides a much more efficient and precise experience for everyone. 

Digital Scanning & Milling

Taking an impression of your teeth and gums can be critical to your dental procedure. Using the latest in CAD/CAM technology, we take this experience to the next level by not only making it faster but also more reliable and more comfortable for our patients. A quick scan of your mouth is all that is required to create a quick impression which we can then use to design and mill the porcelain restorations.

Digital Models

Our digital models are specifically designed after scanning and allows for fabricating porcelain veneers and crowns. Similar to our digital scanning, using our CAD/CAM technology allows us to perfectly plan for the next steps in your dental process. Because this goes hand-in-hand with other processes, it makes your experience seamless.

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